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1.   In 1946, the subordinate Engineers Association was formed by the qualified service holders having certificates of upper subordinate course & overseer course of 4 years duration and also

      certificate from City & Guides, London.

2.   Since it was decided that Ahsanullah School of Engineering Dhaka would be provided with a Degree Course on of Engineering, the students of Diploma-in-Engineering classes demanded higher education.

3.   The Ahsanullah School of Engineering was renamed as Ashanullah Engineering College with Bachelor Degree Course of 4 years duration in Engineering after passing I, Sc. or H.S.C examination and the duration of Engineering Diploma Course had been reduced to 3 years with the same contents and renamed it as Licentiate in Engineering under Dhaka University.

4.   Provision, however, had been made for those Diploma Engineers having an initial qualification of Intermediate to undergo two and a half years schooling in a condensed course to get the Bachelor Degree in Engineering.

5.   Early in 1955, 2 polytechnic Institutes were established by the Ford Foundation in the then Pakistan, one in Karachi and the other in Dhaka, with a duration of 3 years course according to the syllabus of Oklahoma State University, Still water, USA. The certificate issued by the then Technical Education Board was Associated in Engineering having provision to undergo B.S course in USA and also in U.K.

6.   The students of Ahsanullah Engineering College as well as Dhaka Polytechnic Institute demanded higher education during the regime of the erstwhile Government of Pakistan too.

7.   Another mammoth movement was lodged by the students of Polytechnic Institutes and other Technical Institutes, established by that time, for higher studies. The authority stopped the previous condensed course in Engineering College with a plea that Diploma Engineers may undergo A.M.I.E. course conducted by the Institution of Engineers (Pakistan).

8.   The Diploma Engineers declined to accept the advice, as because of the fact that, since its inception, the Institution of Engineers in Dhaka has been playing the role of an Welfare Association of the Engineers having bachelor degree. Still now, it is working as a bargaining agent to safe guard the interest of its members with a character of yellow trade unionism.

9.   Continuous endeavor and prolong movement of the Diploma Engineers, and students of Diploma Engineering courses for higher studies in establishing the dignity of institutional course was mercilessly dealt with by the Degree Engineers because of their higher position in the administration. Needless to mention here that persons holding bachelor degree in engineering are more interested in administrative job than to their original profession, i.e. a Degree Engineer in Bangladesh prefers to become a Secretary of any Ministry rather than to contribute in the relevant field for which the nation has produced him at the expense of public money. The deprived and aggrieved diploma engineers, on the country, dwelt on the issues in the perspective of the greater interest of the country and debated for years together and ultimately decided that they can no longer tie themselves with those bad practices of the degree Engineers under the leadership of I.E.B.

10.  At last on 8th November 1970 the Diploma Engineers of the then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, established the Institute of their own under the name and style as the East Pakistan Institute of Diploma Engineers, now Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB).